4 Browns most likely to have their contracts restructured this spring

The Cleveland Browns can get under the cap by restructuring these four contracts

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1. Deshaun Watson, QB

At this point, this one feels like a no-brainer. Deshaun Watson has an unreal cap hit of $63.977 million and while he and Andrew Berry haven't said anything about restructuring, there's no way the two sides won't do something.

For Watson, it would help in two ways. One, the team would be converting more of his money into a bonus, meaning he would be paid a lump sum. It would also free up space for Cleveland to go out and get him some more weapons, which he has been asking for.

Of course, there will be those who destroy the Browns no matter what they do with Watson's contract. That's been the case ever since he was added in a trade ahead of the 2022 season and signed to a fully guaranteed $235 million deal. At the time, the number seemed astronomical but since then new contracts have come out and suddenly, he's right in line with other starting quarterbacks.

For Watson, the criticism goes far beyond the field. But the truth remains that he needs to figure out how to play with more consistency. This offseason, the Browns made changes to their coaching staff in an attempt to get the most out of Watson. Now, they'll need him to work with them some in order to be able to get the most out of their salary cap this spring. Especially since his estimated savings would be enough to get them under the cap.

Estimated savings: $33.592 million (total of $61.05 million for all four players)

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