4 Cleveland Browns we can safely call busts

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Anthony Schwartz, Browns
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2. Anthony Schwartz, WR

By now, most share this opinion on Anthony Schwartz. It's a disappointing thing to admit since the Auburn product started out his NFL career on such a high note.

With Odell Beckham out in Week 1 of the 2021 season, the Browns started their rookie third-round selection. Schwartz hauled in his first target, going 44 yards downfield and making a bobbling catch to set the offense up early.

He caught two more passes after that and had 69 yards on the day. Then in Week 2, he had a game to forget.

Schwartz was the one who stopped on a route which led to a fateful interception. Justin Reid picked off Baker Mayfield and when the quarterback went to make the tackle, he suffered a serious shoulder injury. He then played the rest of the year in a harness and struggled mightily.

Mayfield had surgery in the offseason and was traded to Carolina as the Browns brought in Deshaun Watson. Perhaps the whole year looks different if Schwartz makes the play but that's not how it went down.

The wideout expressed frustration that he took the blame for this play but didn't do anything to help his case moving forward. Drops plagued him all offseason and he still struggles with route running and injuries. His time should be over as it's clear he's not the player they hoped he would be.