4 Cleveland Browns who will make or break 2023 season

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After going 8-9 in 2021 and 7-10 in 2022, the Cleveland Browns are in need of a winning season. Head coach Kevin Stefanski is still the only non-interim head coach with a winning record the franchise has had since their 1999 rebirth but at 26-24, that could change with another lackluster campaign.

The good news for him is that they've gone out and improved the roster this offseason as it's clear they're gearing up for a run. While they'll need every player to step up, there are a few who have the talent and ability to either make or break the Browns in 2023.

4 players who will make or break the Cleveland Browns in 2023

4. Jedrick Wills, LT

Up until early May, there was a debate as to whether or not the Browns would pick up the fifth-year option for Jedrick Wills. The No. 10 overall pick in 2020, Wills was the first player Andrew Berry selected as Cleveland's general manager.

Wills has been a full-time starter since the day he arrived but did take a step back in 2022. Injuries played a huge part in this but he didn't endear himself to fans with poor body language and what appeared to be questionable effort.

Still, the Browns maintained their approval of Wills and that was proven when they did pick up his option. That means he's the starter in 2023 and will likely be so again in 2024. Whether or not he remains in this role beyond that depends on how he performs over the next two years.

Wills has proven in the past that he can be a very effective left tackle but the questions remain — and they will until he puts them to bed.

For the Browns, they need him to do exactly that. They've spent a lot of money and resources on their new-look offense but a poor blocking game can ruin all of that. This makes Wills a very important player this year.