4 Cleveland Browns who need to change the narrative in 2024

These 4 Browns need to change their perception in 2024

Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson
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2. Jerry Jeudy, WR

For the third year in a row, the Browns added a wide receiver in the offseason via trade. All three were former first-round picks and were being moved either due to salary (Amari Cooper) or lack of production (Elijah Moore). This year, it was a little of both.

Jerry Jeudy was selected 15th overall by the Denver Broncos in 2020 and while he had 972 yards and six touchdowns in 2022, the rest of his tenure in Denver was less than ideal. He was also entering the final year of his rookie deal and would be making over $13 million due to the fifth-year option. Knowing they weren’t going to extend him, Denver took two late-round picks to get rid of the contract.

Cleveland then signed him to a three-year deal worth up to $58 million. Even before he put pen to paper, the narrative surrounding Jeudy was that he was an underachiever. Now, the word overpaid is being added to that.

Jeudy, who was heavily criticized by former NFL receiver Steve Smith, still has time to turn things around. He’s also in a great spot with Cleveland, who should be able to utilize his precise route-running in this offense. It also won’t hurt to have Amari Cooper, David Njoku, and Elijah Moore out there taking attention away.

He was drafted before Justin Jefferson and CeeDee Lamb, so he might not ever live up to that status. But Jeudy can still silence a lot of critics with a strong season in 2024.