4 Cleveland Browns who are playing their final season with the team

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The Cleveland Browns are out of excuses for the 2023 season. Andrew Berry has had time to get the roster he likes, they have adjusted the coaching staff, and they have their elite quarterback in Deshaun Watson. 

After back-to-back seasons of disappointment, there is a ton of pressure for things to be better in 2023. I have argued for the last two years that this roster was overrated (mostly Baker Mayfield), but this offseason I like a lot of the moves and additions.

I still have concerns about injuries at linebacker and cornerback, and I’m not sure they solidified defensive tackle enough, but this defense should be much better than the last two seasons. 

My biggest concern remains if these offensive tackles will be able to slow down a pass rush. Berry tied up a lot of money at the position, so they don’t have a ton of flexibility, but it was tough to watch at the end of last year.

I’m hopeful things will be much better in 2023, but there are likely a few big names who are in their final season with the Browns, here are four to watch. 

4. Cleveland Browns Safety, Grant Delpit

I think Berry would have an interest in resigning Grant Delpit after the 2023 season, but there will be too many question marks. 

Delpit missed an entire season because of injury and has been a very inconsistent player over the last two seasons. One could argue he has been played out of position, but it is wild to see how high his highs are and how low his lows can be. 

I think Jim Schwartz will bring out the best of Delpit and Berry won’t be willing to spend the money to keep him. Delpit has a lot to play for this season as a former second-round pick who will be looking for his first payday. 

If Delpit is great in 2023, the Browns won’t be able to afford him. If he's once again inconsistent, I think this organization has seen enough to let him move on.