4 Cleveland Browns who are playing their final season with the team

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3. Cleveland Browns Wde Receiver, Donovan Peoples-Jones

One of the better picks for the Cleveland Browns in the last two decades has been Donovan Peoples-Jones. As a former five-star recruit for college, he was one of the bigger disappointments for the University of Michigan in the last 10 years, and somehow slid to the sixth round in 2020.

His numbers haven’t been off the chart, but he has gotten consistently better each season. After nearly 600 yards in 2021, he had over 800 receiving yards in 2022 to go with three touchdowns.  DPJ also appears to have that clutch knack and makes a lot of tough catches in crucial situations. 

This again will likely be a money thing. I expect DPJ to have over 1,000 yards receiving in 2023 and another team will be willing to pay big bucks for him as a free agent next offseason. 

If he would happen to take a step back, the Browns also have enough depth at the position to let him move one. I love this guy and think he is going to be a fantastic NFL receiver, but the odds aren’t in Brown's favor to keep him long-term. 

His best bet to stay in Cleveland is to have a 1,500-yard season and 10 touchdowns, then Berry may be willing to pay him money to be the No. 1 guy on the roster, but with so many targets, I’m not sure that is going to be possible.