4 Cleveland Browns who are playing their final season with the team

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1. Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver, Amari Cooper

One of the most underrated trades that Berry ever made was the acquisition of Amari Cooper from the Dallas Cowboys. Giving up a fifth-round pick was a steal, but the Cowboys had no other option with such a large salary cap hit that they could no longer justify. 

Cooper is only 29, but I would say there is a strong chance that he won’t be on this roster for 2024 unless he and Watson show a connection and relationship that is elite. Cooper is owed more than $23 million next year and the Browns can recoup most of that money with a post-June 1 release.    

Cooper is a receiver unlike anyone the Browns have had in recent history.  He isn’t an elite athlete, but he's an elite route runner and has extremely strong hands. Even though he's never the fastest guy on the field, he always seems to get open and always gets the extra yards after the catch.

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The Cleveland Browns have gone from a dumpster fire at wide receiver to having one of the stronger groups in the NFL with Cooper, DPJ, and Elijah Moore to pair with David Njoku, but it could be decimated once again before the 2024 season.