4 insane things the Browns could do in the 2024 NFL Draft

Could the Cleveland Browns get crazy during the NFL Draft?
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In just one week the 2024 NFL Draft will finally unfold and the speculation will end. From there, it will turn into expectations as we dive deep into every new member of the Cleveland Browns.

Over the past couple of years, it’s been a mixed bag in the draft for Cleveland. General manager Andrew Berry has found some great players including Grant Delpit, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, and Martin Emerson. He’s also struggled to find wide receivers in the draft and after four years, it appears Jedrick Wills isn’t the answer at left tackle.

Overall, the team has had success and is coming off an 11-win campaign. However, windows to win close in a hurry in the NFL so the Browns might go with some unorthodox moves this year. Here, we look at four scenarios that might sound insane but could happen.

4. Trade out of Round 2 again 

Andrew Berry sent three Round 1 picks to the Houston Texans in exchange for Deshaun Watson. So far, it hasn’t panned out and it’s felt even worse when the draft rolls around. It’s one thing to be without a premium pick when the move pays off but when it doesn’t, it stings.

As if that wasn’t enough torture for Cleveland fans, they’ve also had to watch their team bow out of Round 2 in each of the past two seasons. First, they traded down for more capital, and then in 2023, they swapped picks with the Jets to land Elijah Moore.

This year, the Browns are slated to pick at No. 54 but they also have just six picks to work with. Perhaps they figure there’s enough depth in this class to once again drop into the third round and add another Day 3 pick. It’s not a terrible move, especially if they stay near the top of Round 3 but fans are ready to actually do someone in the early part of the draft.