4 Keys to Victory for the Cleveland Browns in Week 6

• Avoid becoming one dimensional

• Pressure Brock Purdy

• Limit YAC

• Play takeaway

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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Keys to victory No. 1: Win the turnover battle

Winning the turnover battle is something that could go on any ‘keys to victory’ piece, and rightly so, it is the most telling stat in terms of wins and losses. But the Browns have won two games this season in which they did not win the turnover battle. If they fail to land in the plus category in turnovers this week, rest assured, there will not be a checkmark in the victory category to go along with it.

The Cleveland Browns are negative seven in the turnover category through four games this young season. The defense has only registered three takeaways, while the Browns offense have given the ball away a painstaking 10 times. The fact that they have won two of their four games is astonishing in itself.

Juxtapose that to the 49ers are at a league-leading plus seven in the turnover category. The Niners defense has forced nine turnovers, including a league-leading eight interceptions, while their offense has yet to render a single interception and only has lost two fumbles. Pretty easy to see why they are 5-0.

If the Browns are going to hand San Francisco their first loss of the season, having a clean sheet in the turnover department will play a large part. In the strategical, as well as theatrical words of the Spartan King and warrior Leonidas ‘give them nothing but take from them everything’.

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