4 matchups that could make or break the Cleveland Browns in Week 3

• The Warden vs D-Hop

• A new face vs an old face

• Big Jed vs the Titans Key to victory

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
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Matchup No. 3: Wyatt Teller vs Jeffrey Simmons

Just one viewing of Tennessee Titans tape and the physicality of their defensive line will pop off of the screen. The most physically dominating player on the Titans’ front is defensive tackle Jeffrey Simmons. The phrase ‘bull in a China shop’ comes to mind.

The 6-foot-4, 306-pound defensive tackle is just now entering his prime. Simmons is coming into his fifth season as a pro off of back-to-back Pro Bowl seasons. Through only two games Simmons has 10 tackles, three tackles for loss, three quarterback hits, and three sacks.

Given the issues that Wyatt Teller had with Larry Ogunjobi last week, there should be a legitimate concern that Simmons could be a game-wrecker this Sunday. Allowing quarterback pressure is never a good thing, but it’s especially concerning when it is coming up the middle. Deshaun Watson has not been dealing with pressure well this season, but he is more comfortable stepping up and finding lanes to evade pressure than he is bailing and peeling out backward.

Simmons is a dual-threat defensive lineman who is equally adept at stopping the run as he is rushing the passer. However, Teller’s run blocking has been immensely better than his pass pro so far this season. Hopefully, the Browns are able to establish their run game early and aid Teller in his attempt to not allow Simmons to be the disruptive force that grown to be.