4 matchups that could make or break the Cleveland Browns in Week 3

• The Warden vs D-Hop

• A new face vs an old face

• Big Jed vs the Titans Key to victory

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
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Matchup No. 2: Za’Darius Smith vs Chris Hubbard

This particular matchup could prove to be much more competitive than it sounds to Browns fans on paper. Tennessee Titans' right tackle, Chris Hubbard, yes Browns fans that Chris Hubbard, will be taking on Za’Darius Smith this Sunday.

Smith has been a pressure machine since arriving in Cleveland and has proven to be the running mate for Myles Garrett whom the franchise has been searching for since 2018. While Smith’s pressures have not resulted in sacks for himself, ESPN has Smith with the second-highest pass rush win rate percentage with a staggering 33%.

But here is the rub. Hubbard has the second-highest pass rush win rate for offensive tackles so far this season. And before you speculate that he has not faced elite competition, Hubbard drew the assignment of blocking Khalil Mack in the Titans' overtime victory over the Los Angeles Chargers.

Now the Titans left tackle, Andre Dillard, has been driving the struggle bus on pass reps this season, and he will get the pleasure of attempting to block Garrett. The Titans will surely allocate the majority of their resources to stop Garrett from decimating their offensive game plan. If that is the case, that means Hubbard will be left on an island with Smith on Sunday. This is a matchup that the Smith and the Browns need to win to tilt the game in their favor.