4 pending free agents the Cleveland Browns will gladly let walk

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Cleveland Browns FA No. 1: Harrison Bryant

Does everyone remember in 2021 when Harrison Bryant was the number one tight end on the roster and David Njoku was actually number three? Clearly Njoku found his way into the Stefanski doghouse, but things have since corrected.  Njoku just signed a large extension to stay in Cleveland, while Bryant will likely be looking for a new team in 2024.

I’m harsh on Bryant because he is so much of a tweener player to me. He’s built like a wide receiver with the skillset of a tight end and doesn’t do anything overly well. 

Here is exactly what I mean. If you split him out wide he has no chance of getting separation from a safety or even an athletic linebacker. If you bring him in line and try to run the ball, linebackers, and defensive ends constantly bully him around.

The one thing he is above average at is a big set with play-action. When the defense gets moving the wrong way and the quarterback has time, Bryant does have a way of weaving through zone coverage and has had a few great plays in his career.

But with his rookie deal done, I think it is more than clear that he will never be a starting-caliber tight end in the NFL. Berry gave him more than enough chances, but the production just isn’t there.  Between that and the Browns likely headed to more of a spread offense, the match just doesn’t make sense.

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