4 perfect fits for the Cleveland Browns in Round 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft

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Cleveland Browns draft option No. 1: Keeanu Benton, DT, Wisconsin

With the addition of Dalvin Tomlinson, the Browns likely feel comfortable with their defensive tackle rotation. He will occupy one spot and a rotation with Perrion Winfrey, Jordan Elliott, and Trysten Hill can take care of the other. Maurice Hurst is there as well but given his injury history, it's probably best not to rely too heavily on him and count any production he gives as a bonus.

This should give them a better rotation than they had in 2022 and the addition of Jim Schwartz as the defensive coordinator will also help. But that doesn't mean they can't still get better, especially if they were to land Keeanu Benton from Wisconsin.

At 6-foot-4 and 309 pounds, Benton is a massive player who excels as a 1-tech, which Cleveland can still use. Tomlinson is capable of playing this role, as is Trysten Hill, but each has had more success as the 3-tech. Tomlinson, for example, just had the best two-year stretch of his career with Minnesota occupying that spot.

Adding Benton, who was a beast at the Senior Bowl, would give them a defensive front that would be nearly impossible to move on early downs. They can then give way to players such as Winfrey and Hill, who have been better pass rushers.

This would be a welcome change to what we saw in 2022. Instead of trying to figure out how to stop the run on third-and-short, they would be able to force some obvious passing situations. That's when Myles Garrett, Ogbo Okoronkwo, and Perrion Winfrey can really do some damage.

With Benton, the only question is whether or not he lasts until No. 74. If so, he would be the perfect selection to round out Cleveland's front line.

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