4 potential big-name Cleveland Browns trade targets this offseason

If Andrew Berry wants to make another game-changing trade, he could look to bring one of these 4 players to the Cleveland Browns

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3. Mike Williams, WR, Los Angeles Chargers

Two players, two wide receivers to begin our list.

Mike Williams has been one of the most prolific deep threats in the league for the majority of his career. Four times, he has finished a season with more than 15 yards per reception on the year, including a career-high 20.4 YPR on 49 catches in 2019. The problem, however, is the injuries.

Williams has been known to often have nagging ailments, even at times when he still suits up on Sundays. This past season, his age 29 campaign, saw him play only three games before tearing an ACL in Week 3 against the Minnesota Vikings. Approaching 30 years old, and coming off a serious knee injury, Williams isn't the typical Andrew Berry trade target.

However, standing at 6-foot-4, his elite size would provide Deshaun Watson, his former signal-caller at Clemson University, a down-field weapon that the offense has been lacking for the entirety of Kevin Stefanski's tenure as head coach.

Given Williiams' current contract, which expires after 2024, it's possible that any trade would come with a short-term extension to alleviate his cap hit. That, along with the ACL injury, could bring his value down to a Day 3 draft pick, right where Berry is comfortable operating.