4 potential big-name Cleveland Browns trade targets this offseason

If Andrew Berry wants to make another game-changing trade, he could look to bring one of these 4 players to the Cleveland Browns

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1. Davante Adams, WR, Las Vegas Raiders

Our third receiver on the list, Davante Adams needs no introduction. Regardless of who is throwing him the ball, Adams has proven to be one of the best wide receivers of his generation. In his age 31 season, Tay showed he still has plenty of juice left in the tank, catching 103 passes for 1,144 yards and eight touchdowns, despite mediocre (at best) quarterback play from Aidan O'Connell and Jimmy Garoppolo with the Las Vegas Raiders.

With the Raiders' recent hire of new GM Tom Telesco, Adams' future with the organization is unclear — and he hasn't been thrilled since losing his good friend Derek Carr. While they have the cap flexibility to keep Adams aboard, he may want to go elsewhere for his final years as a productive player, to a place further along in competing for a championship.

If Adams were to relocate, the natural and most likely fit would be with the New York Jets and former Green Bay Packers teammate Aaron Rodgers. However, Andrew Berry's aggressiveness, mixed with the Browns' clear need for a wide receiver, could still allow for a conversation or two before anything unfolds, even if it may be a long shot.

Cleveland has been able to swing some big trades over the past couple of seasons and expecting them to go into the offseason without at least considering another splash doesn't seem logical. They might not be able to pull any of these deals off, but you bet they will be paying attention to all the whispers out there.

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