4 teams the Browns could face in Round 1 of the NFL Playoffs

If the Cleveland Browns remain the fifth seed, here are the four teams they're most likely going to face in Round 1

Cleveland Browns
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1. Kansas City Chiefs

It feels weird to say this since they're the defending Super Bowl Champions but the Kansas City Chiefs are heading in the wrong direction as the season comes to a close. They've lost three of their last four games with the only win during that span coming at the hands of the lowly New England Patriots.

At 9-6, they're only one game ahead of the three teams from the AFC South. Now, it's likely they get a win or two to close out the season and remain the three seed, expecially given their schedule. Kansas City is at home for each of those games with the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Chargers coming into Arrowhead Stadium.

When the schedule was announced, those felt like important games but with Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert both on the IR, that's no longer the case. The Bengals have a slim shot of making it whereas the Chargers are out of contention. But that doesn't mean these will be easy for the Chiefs. They proved that in their loss to the Las Vegas Raiders despite Aidan O'Connell finishing with 62 yards on 9-of-21 passing.

Cleveland's last trip to the postseason ended with a loss in Round 2 to the Chiefs. If this matchup somehow takes place, they could look to enact some revenge by going into Arrowhead and ending the champs' frustrating season prematurely. Considering there are no wideouts to worry about for this defense, this could even be a matchup they'd love to see.

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