4 Week 16 bold predictions: Browns won't 'run the damn ball' in Week 16

Set to take on the Texans and their staunch run defense in Week 16, the Cleveland Browns might be throwing it around the field once again

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3. Amari Cooper, Elijah Moore each top 100 yards

Anyone who follows Cleveland knows how emotional things can get when play-calling is discussed. Typically, there's a divide between those who want them to "run the damn ball" regardless of the defense's ability to stop the run. Even if the Browns are getting two to three yards per attempt, there's still a call to run more.

On the other side, some fans agree with the analytics. That typically leads to wanting to air the ball out and with the past two opponents being very good against the run, the analytics have been in favor of throwing. Both Jacksonville and Chicago were stout when it came to shutting down the ground game but struggled to stop the pass.

This week, it's going to be more of the same. Houston comes in as the No. 6 overall defense against the run, with just 1,309 yards given up. The only reason they've even surrendered that much is the volume of attempts. Opposing teams have run the ball 380 times on the Texans which is 25 times per game. They're not bothered by this at all since they're only allowing 3.4 yards per attempt which is second in the NFL.

Defending the pass is a different story. The Texans have been struggling in this regard, with 3,348 yards through the air against them. That's 25th in the NFL and with Joe Flacco averaging 313 yards through the air, Kevin Stefanski is going to be dialing up the pass once again. Last week, this led to Amari Cooper and David Njou each gaining 100 yards through the air. This week, both will succeed again but this prediction is that it's Cooper and Elijah Moore who end up with 100 yards each.