5 best touchdowns Nick Chubb has had with the Cleveland Browns ranked

Counting down Chubb's best scoring plays for the Browns since 2018
Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns
Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages

Cleveland Browns fans can disagree on many things, but Nick Chubb, 28, is not one of them. He's the beloved running back of the Browns, and the 2023 season was heartbreaking because of his devastating injury and early exit.

Chubb has restructured his contract so he will be back with the Browns sometime in 2024 though it's rumored to be in late November. To give fans a Chubb-fix and to appreciate his superhuman efforts in the past as we await his return, we will count down the five best scoring plays Chubb made with the Browns since his 2018 rookie season.

There are plenty to choose from. In 79 career (regular and postseason) games, Chubb has scored 53 touchdowns. 48 were rushing touchdowns, and 5 were receiving touchdowns. Check out the list below and see if you agree that these are Chubb's best.

5 best scoring plays by Chubb in descending order

5. Nick Chubb 33-yard touchdown against Miami (2022)

In 2022 against the Miami Dolphins, Chubb scrambled for a 33-yard score. He was not to be deterred from reaching the end zone using a spin-out move to avoid being tackled and stay upright.

4. 88-yarder against Baltimore (2019)

In 2019, Nick Chubb had a three-touchdown game against the Baltimore Ravens. One of those touchdowns was an 88-yard run.

This game proved significant because, after this win with Freddie Kitchens at the helm, it took two years for the Browns to log another victory against the Ravens.

3. Browns beat Bucs in OT thanks to Chubb (2022)

In 2022 in overtime against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chubb charged into the endzone for the winning touchdown. No one had a chance to stop him.

2. They said he couldn't catch (2018)

Though he only has five receiving touchdowns, one is very memorable. In 2018 against the Cincinnati Bengals when the defender was draped all over him, Chubb leaped into the air, maintained his focus, and caught the ball for the score.

1. The Browns record-holder (2018)

Chubb's most memorable touchdown is the record-breaker. The 92-yard run in 2018 was the longest in Browns' history, and the second longest run by an NFL rookie.

If they did not know it before, NFL fans learned about Chubb's speed, athleticism, and determination after this play.

This is Chubb at his very best. Fans wonder and worry if Chubb can return to form when he comes back from the knee injury. Chubb aka 'Batman" is a worker and a fighter so let's hope that he can so that there are more great scoring plays to add to his Browns career highlight reel.

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