5 biggest games on the Cleveland Browns 2023 schedule

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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4. Browns vs Seahawks, Week 8

This battle up in the Pacific Northwest against the Seattle Seahawks might be overlooked by some, but Cleveland rarely plays in this region — they've only played them three times in the last 30 years in the Emerald City. The Browns haven't played well there regardless of their roster makeup. Their last attempt was back in 2015 when they were beaten badly 30-13.

Seattle has a great fan base and the stadium there can be very intimidating. Maybe it's the long five-hour flight from Cleveland that has a factor on the players. Whatever it is, this current Browns team will need to put the team's rugged past against the Seahawks behind them and play well to get a big win in Week 8.

3. Browns vs. Jets, Week 17

We all know now that Aaron Rodgers is taking over as quarterback for the New York Jets. While we can't predict the exact outcome of matchups that proceed this Week 17 game against the Jets, we can say that this game will have some type of bearing on both squads. The Browns and Jets could be fighting for postseason positioning.

Being played on a Thursday night, right after Christmas isn't exactly great for either team. It could be a bone-chilling 20 degrees that night in Cleveland but the fans will come out. The NFL knows this and loves television ratings too so their plan is fixated on the money.

It's another opportunity for the Browns to showcase their team in front of a national audience. It's just too bad that the NFL has this game being played so late in the season. It's certainly not benefiting either team being played on a shortened week as well.