5 bold predictions: Browns run wild on Seahawks in Week 8

• Unexpected big man secures a TD

• Dustin Hopkins remains a stud

• Browns defense dominates again

Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts
Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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4. Nick Harris catches a TD pass from one-yard out

One thing that’s stood out in recent weeks is the usage of backup center Nick Harris, who has been on the field several times in a new role. Harris, the fourth-year pro out of Washington, has been lining up as a fullback and has been very good in this role.

Harris has been helping lead the way on several runs and was out there when Kareem Hunt ran the game-winning touchdown on fourth down against the Indianapolis Colts. 

Considering how well he’s been performing in this role, the Browns are highly likely to keep using him this way. And as we’ve seen with Kevin Stefanski, he will never hesitate to throw a new wrinkle out there with such packages.

Last year, he proved this when he would bring Jacoby Brissett in to run a quarterback sneak in place of Deshaun Watson. After several conversions, he dialed up a pass and while Brissett misfired, the play was wide open.

Stefanski also did this with Harrison Bryant, who has been taking snaps under center this year on QB sneaks. The tight end had made a few conversions but against San Francisco, he actually tossed the ball to Hunt who ran it in for a touchdown.

This bold prediction is that Stefanski decides to dial up a pass to Harris, who finds himself wide open in the end zone. With defenses keying on him as a blocker, he should be able to come up with an easy touchdown if the play-action is sold well enough.