5 Bold predictions for the Cleveland Browns 2023 season

• David Njoku becomes Deshaun Watson's best friend

• JOK benefits from the added defensive linemen

• The Browns shock the AFC North

Washington Commanders v Cleveland Browns
Washington Commanders v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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The 7-10 finish to the 2022 season doesn't matter anymore. The Cleveland Browns are about to kick off a brand new campaign and their first opponent in 2023 will be the Cincinnati Bengals.

It's a home opener against the defending AFC North champions and it's one of three divisional games Cleveland will play during the first four weeks of the season.

While they're solely focused on this opening game, we can look ahead to all 17 as we make these five bold predictions for the Browns 2023 season.

5. David Njoku catches 10 touchdown passes

Throughout his career, David Njoku has always been a solid receiving threat from the tight end position but he has yet to turn into a red zone beast.

He's coming off one of the best seasons of his career after hauling in 58 passes for 628 yards with four touchdowns. It was the fourth time in his career he scored four touchdowns, which remains his career high.

That should change in 2023. The 6-foot-4, 246-pound tight end has never had the luxury of playing with a quarterback the caliber of Deshaun Watson. And they teased us in the preseason finale with how fun this duo could be with a perfectly placed touchdown pass from Watson to Njoku.

Yes, it was just one play but Watson has made a career out of throwing accurate passes and he's been very sharp in the red zone. Njoku has also made his share of great plays in the red zone, including a one-handed touchdown grab against Tampa Bay last year, and should get more opportunites this season.

With that being the case, this first bold prediction is that he sets a new personal record by catching at least 10 touchdowns in 2023.