5 Browns fighting for their jobs after free agency

These 5 Browns could be fighting for their jobs

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4. David Bell and 3. Cedric Tillman, Wide Receiver

When news of the Jerry Jeudy trade broke, it was a clear representation of exactly how Berry felt about this wide receiver room. While the money he's paying Amari Cooper and Jeudy goes against every grain in his body, he knows he needs to upgrade the position to give Watson the best chance to be successful.

Bell and Tillman are both third-round picks from the 2022 and 2023 draft respectively, and to this point, we have yet to see the production. Bell has two seasons under his belt and the only thing we’ve seen to this point is a couple of garbage touchdowns in a week 18 game last year that meant absolutely nothing. 

Bell was a tremendous collegiate player who stuffed the stat sheet even against the best competition, but unfortunately, his game hasn’t translated. His lack of speed and athleticism limits what he can do and I would not be surprised if he is cut this offseason.

Tillman has had less time on the field but has still shown me nothing to even get the slightest bit excited. His college teammate, Jaylin Hyatt went the pick before him to the New York Giants, and it’s a well-known fact at this point that Hyatt is who Berry wanted. 

In all of Berry’s moves thus far, taking Tillman is the only one I’ll call emotional. It felt like he was so set on a wide receiver he settled on the injury-riddled teammate of the guy he really wanted. Tillman will likely get another shot on the roster, but won’t see a lot of playing time.