5 Browns players to keep an eye on in NFL preseason Week 1

  • Browns rookies in focus
  • Most starters not playing
  • Which backup QB stands out?

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The Cleveland Browns take on the New York Jets in the Hall of Fame Game on Thursday night, the first taste of football for NFL fans in the 2023 season. Although the Hall of Fame Game is rarely known for being a high-quality game, in general, it's going to be an opportunity for die-hard Cleveland Browns fans to evaluate a roster that could be one of the most improved in the NFL in 2023.

Which players are in focus? There are some players, to be honest, that fans are just more excited to watch at this point. Let's take a look at five Cleveland Browns to keep an eye on even though most starters aren't likely to get any action in this game (with three more preseason games remaining).

Top 5 Cleveland Browns to watch vs. New York Jets in Hall of Fame Game

1. Cedric Tillman, wide receiver

Let's start off with the obvious, the player most people are arguably the most excited to watch. Cedric Tillman was the top pick in the Cleveland Browns' 2023 NFL Draft class after the team spent its first and second-round picks to acquire Deshaun Watson and Elijah Moore in trades.

Even though Tillman is just a third-round pick, there's a certain level of expectation from fans when you're the top pick in a team's draft. Tillman has certainly delivered his share of exciting plays already at Browns' training camp, leaving Cleveland fans wanting even more as the team now prepares to get under the lights and play an "actual" game.

The Browns will have Amari Cooper and Elijah Moore obviously taking most of the attention when it comes to the regular season and projecting the majority of targets in the passing game, but Tillman and his big 6-foot-3 frame can certainly carve out a substantial role. We'll get the chance to see his size and athleticism on display vs. a deep Jets secondary.