5 Cleveland Browns who are certified building blocks for the future

- Deshaun Watson the franchise QB

- Myles Garrett the elite difference maker on D

- Who else is a building block for the future of the Cleveland Browns?

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4. Elijah Moore, WR

There is a bit of projection happening here, absolutely. Elijah Moore hasn't really done much in his first two NFL seasons -- statistically speaking, at least -- to be able to say that he's a "certified building block" for the future of any team, much less the Cleveland Browns.

But I think he will prove to be exactly that. The Browns traded a second-round pick to the Jets in exchange for Moore and a third-round pick. Based on some of the offseason hype already building, I don't know if Browns fans could be more excited about this move...

Elijah Moore doesn't have the size of a quintessential "WR1" in today's NFL. He's not 6-foot-3, 220 pounds. He's not always going to be ball dominant at the catch point, but Moore can win in a variety of ways, which we really saw throughout his rookie season with the New York Jets.

It's slightly shocking that the New York Jets weren't more willing to just kind of try and figure things out with Moore this coming season, especially with Aaron Rodgers coming to town. The Browns ultimately got him for a great value price in the trade, and with Moore's speed, quickness, abilities after the catch, and dynamic presence to all levels of the field, I really think he's going to thrive in this Cleveland Browns offense.

Especially having Amari Cooper on the other side of the field this season, expect Elijah Moore to emerge as a true, certified building block for the Cleveland Browns moving forward.