5 Cleveland Browns wide receivers on the outside looking in

Browns wide receiver Anthony Schwartz scores a first-half touchdown.
Browns wide receiver Anthony Schwartz scores a first-half touchdown. / Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Browns Receiver on the outside looking in No. 2: Michael Woods II

This is where it gets interesting. Michael Woods II entered his first rookie mini-camp with little to no fanfare, but that changed rather quickly once Woods started making plays. By the time preseason came around, there was a sweeping feeling among the media that Woods was going to have a spot on the roster.

Then came Woods’ hamstring issues. The receiver remained sidelined with the injury until week six and was never really able to get his rookie campaign off the ground. Woods was only targeted 10 total times in the 10 games that he was active, catching five passes for 45 yards and zero touchdowns.

Statistics aside, it is obvious that the Browns coaching staff loves Woods’ traits. Woods has the prerequisite size and athleticism to carve himself out a role if he is able to take a sizable step going into year two. The x-factor in Woods’ chances to make the roster may come in the form of newly anointed Special Teams’ coordinator Ray ‘Bubba’ Ventrone.

While Woods does not return kicks, he does cover them. If Woods can make a push as a gunner, he could secure himself that final wideout spot. But if it comes down to just contributing as a pass catcher, then his best chance may be landing on the practice squad and developing his skills there.

Browns Receiver on the outside looking in No. 1: Anthony Schwartz

This is it; this is where the rubber meets the road for Anthony Schwartz. The Browns have been patient, some would argue too patient, waiting on Schwartz to develop into the player that he was drafted to be. When the Browns selected Schwartz with the 91st pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, it was for one reason and one reason only: world class speed.

However, that world class speed has not been trump card that the Browns envisioned that it would be. To this point in his young career, dropped passes and an inability to stay on the field have caused Schwartz to not find a permanent role on this team. Now with Moore and Goodwin being brought into the fold, it is going to take more than potential upside for Schwartz to remain on the roster.

Schwartz is going to get his opportunities in training camp and the preseason to show the Browns coaching staff and front office that he was worth the draft capital that they invested. But barring some sort of preseason miracle, Schwartz will be left without a chair when the music ends.

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