5 coaches to keep an eye on if Cleveland Browns move on from Kevin Stefanski

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4. Kellen Moore, offensive coordinator, Chargers

Very few coaches had the meteoric rise Kellen Moore did but he proved himself in a hurry.

Known for helping Boise State to a 50-3 record in four seasons, Moore has always been seen as a future coach. Following his collegiate days, he went undrafted in the NFL but signed with the Detroit Lions in 2012. In 2015, he signed with the Dallas Cowboys but retired from playing in 2017.

He quickly moved into the coaching ranks, taking over as the quarterback coach in Dallas. Head coach Jason Garrett loved the way Moore worked with Dak Prescott, who just came off a great rookie campaign, and believed he could help him take the next step as a passer.

Moore was again promoted in 2019 when Garrett named him the offensive coordinator. He kept this role for four years even though Garrett was fired in 2020 and Mike McCarthy was hired.

Despite his wild success, Moore was never truly beloved in Dallas — who seems to be too hard on everyone. He moved on this past offseason and took the same role with the Los Angeles Chargers. They haven't yet been too explosive but they're still a top-10 offense when it comes to passing, total yardage, and points scored.

Cleveland could surely use someone who has five years of play-calling experience, including a few playoff games. If Moore continues to do well with the Chargers, he could very well be on that shortlist.