5 coaches to keep an eye on if Cleveland Browns move on from Kevin Stefanski

• Brian Flores deserves a second chance

• We should be buying what Detroit is selling

• Will the Browns be the ones to give EB a shot?

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2. Ben Johnson, offensive coordinator, Lions

Ben Johnson is just 37 years of age but began his coaching career back in 2009. He spent a few seasons with Boston College and then headed to the NFL in 2012 working with the Miami Dolphins serving as an assistant quarterback coach before taking a position as the tight end coach, and wide receiver coach at different points.

In 2019, the Detroit Lions hired him as an offensive quality control coach and Dan Campbell kept him on staff as the tight ends coach and passing game coordinator when he took over in 2021. Then in 2022, he was promoted to offensive coordinator, where he rose to prominence after helping to turn Jared Goff around.

Detroit finished fifth in points and fourth in yards in 2022 and is eighth in each category this year after four weeks. He's widely praised for his intelligence, openness, and communication.

"Another rival coach praised Johnson’s ingenuity with Jared Goff and his openness to new ideas. Johnson’s communication skills are also noteworthy, as are his smarts." — Connor Orr, SI.com

Johnson is a name to watch this offseason and at this point, it would be a surprise if he isn't named head coach somewhere. If Cleveland is looking come 2024, this could be a great fit.