5 Defensive standouts from the NFL Scouting Combine the Cleveland Browns should go after

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There were several standout defensive player performances at the NFL Combine this week and the Cleveland Browns should center their attention on these prospects

The NFL Scouting Combine has been going on this week in Indianapolis and after a few days of the defensive prospects performing on various skill tests, the Cleveland Browns should have a lot of talented players to choose from when they select in the upcoming NFL Draft in April. The team doesn't have a first-round pick but selects for the first time in the second round at No. 42.

Speed and quickness seem to be the name of the game as the NFL keeps becoming faster every day. The Browns, like every team in the league, are trying to stay up with this new style of football and to stop teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. They need quicker players that are able to be powerful but also agile.

Let's take a look at five of these type of players on the defensive side of the ball that could potentially look really good in the Orange and Brown uniform.

Adetomiwa Adebawore, Browns
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No. 5: Adetomiwa Adebawore, DT, Northwestern

Adetomiwa Adebawore, made a splash with his Scouting Combine performances this week. For a defensive lineman, he was super fast running the 40-yard dash in 4.49 seconds. He came to the tryouts in Indy weighing a solid 282 and for a player that size to run under 4.5 seconds is really amazing. His vertical jump wasn't too shabby either as he went 37.5 inches on that.

He's been a good player at Northwestern in his four years there. He had 12.5 sacks and made 24.5 tackles for losses in that time as well. He was active on the line as well on passing attempts as he had six pass deflections and he was good at attacking the rusher as he forced four fumbles too.

Adebawore did so well at the combine this week that he's racing up draft boards as we speak. Many projected him in going in the middle to latter rounds but now some are suggesting he could be a Day 1 pick.

With the Browns ready at No. 42 in the early part of the second round, grabbing a player of Adebawore's talents might be the best move to start the team's picks.