5 draft moves to finally get the Cleveland Browns to a Super Bowl

Cleveland Browns v Washington Commanders
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Browns Super Bowl move No. 2: Land a starting-caliber DE

While it's true the Browns did add Ogbo Okoronkwo, they should still look for more help at defensive end. One reason would be the depth behind Okoronkwo and Myles Garrett.

Currently, Alex Wright and Isaiah Thomas are the primary options with Sam Kamara on the roster as well — although he's a long shot to even make the team. Another issue is the fact that Okoronkwo isn't great against the run.

As good as he was against the pass for Houston in 2022, he was still a liability in run defense. A former 3-4 stand-up linebacker with the Rams, he was graded a full 20 points lower in run defense than pass rushing by Pro Football Focus last year.

Cleveland not only needs to improve their depth but they need to make sure there are defensive ends on the roster capable of shutting down the run. Right now, Garrett (who can do it all) and Wright are the top run-defenders but they need more — especially considering the durability concerns in recent years.

For whatever reason, the Browns seem to have more injured players than any other team. That's been the case on the defensive line with Garrett, Chase Winovich, and Jadeveon Clowney all missing time in 2022. In order to protect themselves, they need to use a pick in Round 3 or 4 on a defensive end they would be comfortable starting in a pinch.