5 dream scenarios for Cleveland Browns in 2023

The Cleveland Browns are looking to bounce back in 2023 and these 5 dream scenarios coming to fruition would held in that endeavor
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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3. Browns rival QBs trend in the wrong direction

Joe Burrow isn't likely to take a step back in 2023 but the other two quarterbacks in the AFC North have concerns. If those remain issues in 2023, the Browns could find themselves in great shape in their division.

Lamar Jackson struggles with 'Air-Raid' offense

Yes, Lamar Jackson was just signed to a massive extension but he's about to enter into a system that doesn't seem to suit his skill set. Jackson is a run-first quarterback that doesn't neccesarily pick teams apart with his arm. He's not a "running back" as some like to say but he still isn't Patrick Mahomes.

That's why it's baffling that Baltimore decided to bring in Todd Monken, who will be installing an 'Air Raid' offense.

Jackson deserves a ton of credit for developing into a dual-threat but he hasn't been elite over the past two seasons. Perhaps Monken unlocks something special but the Browns wouldn't be upset to see him struggle.

Kenny Pickett continues to throw more picks than touchdowns

Counting the Pittsburgh Steelers out is never a good idea. They're not about to contend for a title by any means, but they nearly made the playoffs in 2022 and went 7-5 with Kenny Pickett under center.

His stats weren't great in those wins though, as he threw seven touchdowns against nine picks. Yes, he had a winning record but that's not a recipe for sustained success. That's why it would be a dream scenario for the Browns if he continues to throw the ball to the wrong team.