5 emergency QB options if the Browns lose Deshaun Watson to injury in 2023

  • Joshua Dobbs is more than capable
  • Cam Newton is open to being a backup in 2023
  • Teddy Bridgewater can be ready at any given time

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It's never a bad idea to have a "break in case of emergency" plan, especially when you're talking about the quarterback position in the NFL. It's the most important position in the game, and it can be the difference between being relevant or irrelevant, something the Cleveland Browns know all too well.

Although the expectation is that Deshaun Watson will play and play well this season, what happens in the event he gets injured or has to miss significant time for any reason? Are the Browns already in good hands with the players they have on the roster?

What kind of "emergency" options could be realistic for this team? Let's take a look at a few.

Cleveland Browns emergency QB options if Deshaun Watson goes down in 2023

1. Their own guys -- Joshua Dobbs, Dorian Thompson-Robinson, Kellen Mond

The Cleveland Browns brought Joshua Dobbs back in 2023 after having him for a stint in 2022. The former Pittsburgh Steelers draft pick has been on the transaction wire more than 50 times in his NFL career, but he finally got the chance to play in a high-stakes situation last year for the Tennessee Titans, and it's fair to say he impressed.

Dobbs almost helped the Titans win the AFC South and get to the playoffs, but it wasn't meant to be as the Jaguars were a team of destiny late last year. Dobbs played two games for the Titans, throwing for 411 yards and running for an additional 44 yards.

Now, if Deshaun Watson goes down in Week 1, are the Browns going to really bank their entire 2023 season on Joshua Dobbs? I'm not sure about that. Where does that line get drawn? I think the Browns might start to consider bringing in other quarterbacks if an injury happens to Watson early in the season, but the later in the season we get, the more content I think they would be to roll with their own guys, depending on where they are at in the standings.