5 former Browns thriving with their new teams in 2023

Former Cleveland Browns players are making noise elsewhere in the NFL in 2023...

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4. Joshua Dobbs, QB (Vikings/Cardinals)

The Cleveland Browns have had Joshua Dobbs not only once before, but twice. The former Pittsburgh Steelers draft pick has had multiple stints with the Cleveland Browns, and based on the way he has played so far this season, it's hard not to be upset that the Browns were tempted by the 5th-round pick offered before the season by the Arizona Cardinals.

Dobbs was really solid for the Cardinals as their starting quarterback, even though the team unceremoniously benched him just before the NFL trade deadline. They sent him off to the Minnesota Vikings, which turned out to be a really great deal for Minnesota, who turned a four-game winning streak into a six-game winning streak thanks largely to the contributions of Dobbs.

Many NFL fans seem to think this Dobbs-mania is a "new" thing but it's really not. He almost helped the Tennessee Titans secure a playoff spot late last season, he played extremely well for the Arizona Cardinals and helped them to a noteworthy upset win over the Dallas Cowboys, and has now helped the Vikings win a pair of games as they continue a playoff push.

Dobbs isn't out there just getting dragged to success, either. He's making plays and turning heads.