5 Kevin Stefanski replacements if Cleveland Browns move on after disappointing season

The Cleveland Browns expressed faith in Kevin Stefanski but if things fall apart down the stretch, these are 5 candidates to keep an eye on

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4. Kellen Moore, Los Angeles Chargers offensive coordinator

When Kellen Moore entered the NFL back in 2012 it was already assumed he would be a coach one day. His father was a high school football coach in Washington and led his team to 21 league titles and four state championships. Moore, who was undersized at 6-foot-0, learned the game from his father and it was clear he was a coach on the field.

That's how he led the Boise State Broncos to a record of 50-3 in his career. Despite the collegiate success which included winning the Quarterback of the Year award in 2010 and 2011, Moore was undrafted in the NFL. He started his career with the Detroit Lions as a backup and made his way to the Dallas Cowboys in 2015.

After three years as a player, Moore joined the coaching staff in 2018 as the quarterback coach. He then moved to offensive coordinator in 2019 under Jason Garrett. When Garrett was fired, Moore stuck around for the first three seasons under Mike McCarthy. This year, however, the two sides decided to move on.

McCarthy took over the offense in Dallas and Moore is calling plays for the Los Angeles Chargers. He had hoped to elevate Justin Herbert but this hasn't been a great season for the Bolts. While some might want to put that on Moore, the fact is, head coach Brandon Staley doesn't have this team's confidence.

Moore, on the other hand, seems to always have the respect of his offensive players. That should be enough for him to get a shot at a head coaching gig. The concern in Cleveland would be that he would be too similar to Kevin Stefanski but he's still someone to watch if they think they need a change.