5 Kevin Stefanski replacements if Cleveland Browns move on after disappointing season

The Cleveland Browns expressed faith in Kevin Stefanski but if things fall apart down the stretch, these are 5 candidates to keep an eye on

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3. Jim Schwartz, Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator

One of the most popular coaches in all of Cleveland right now is Jim Schwartz. He took over as the defensive coordinator in 2023 when Joe Woods was let go following a disastrous campaign. The hiring of Schwartz was praised from the start and for good reason.

Schwartz has been a defensive coordinator for a total of 15 years now including eight years with the Tennessee Titans. He also spent five years with the Philadelphia Eagles and was one of the primary reasons they won a title in 2017. Even with starting quarterback Carson Wentz out with a torn ACL, the Philly defense led the way as Nick Foles was the winning quarterback.

In Cleveland, Schwartz has completely turned their defense around. They're first in yards surrendered and 10th in scoring which is leading to him getting all the credit for the team's success. It's ironic since Kevin Stefanski was blamed for Woods' failures but now gets no credit for hiring Schwartz, but that's how it goes sometimes.

As tempting as it might seem to promote Schwartz, it could be a mistake. He's a great defensive mind and even has experience as a head coach, serving in that role for the Detroit Lions from 2009 through 2013. The problem is that he had just one winning season during that span and his gruff approach doesn't play as well when he's the main boss. Still, he's someone to watch if Jimmy Haslam decides to start all over again and blow things up.