5 mistakes the Browns can not afford to make in 2024

These 5 mistakes could be costly if the Cleveland Browns don't avoid them

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4. Keeping the same backup OTs

Jedrick Wills is going to be the starting left tackle whether we like it or not. He has a guaranteed contract after getting his fifth-year option picked up by the organization ahead of the 2023 season. Not only that but there's no one else on this roster capable of replacing him. Sure, an outside player could challenge him but with a $14.5 million cap hit, they can't afford any surefire starters.

On the right side, Jack Conklin is supposed to return but could be a candidate to be released. If so, Dawand Jones slides into the starting role and he was excellent as a rookie. Either way, they're good with their starter on that side but if Jones takes over, they'll need to look for an improved backup — and it would be ideal to get a true swing tackle who can play both sides.

They could look to the draft, as they did with Jones, or even to free agency. Cam Fleming is one option, which would give them a veteran with plenty of starts under his belt. What they cannot do is come back with James Hudson as their primary backup to Wills. Cleveland has to find someone who can fill in and keep it from being a disaster for Deshaun Watson — who has spent much of his time with the Browns running around and avoiding pressure.