5 offseason moves to improve Cleveland Browns Super Bowl chances in 2024

If the Cleveland Browns want to make the Super Bowl in 2024, these 5 moves would surely increase their chances

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4. Browns need to keep adding to interior of the D-line

One thing the Browns did well in 2023 was to add more talent along the interior of their defensive line, and the results spoke for themselves. When Joe Woods was calling plays, they were bullied in the ground game but once Jim Schwartz took over, they made a point of adding power to the middle.

Cleveland picked up Dalvin Tomlinson in free agency and he was able to anchor the middle. His presence helped Jordan Elliott take his next step as a pro and he had his best campaign to date. Elliott was also aided by a solid rotation that kept him fresh.

This included Maurice Hurst, who was a low-risk signing after missing the entire 2022 campaign. They also brought in veteran Shelby Harris, who is known as a 3-tech but was better against the run than expected this year.

Looking ahead, the Browns have to make some moves once again. Elliott, Hurst, and Harris are all three set to hit the open market. They do have Siaki Ika but he hardly saw the field as a rookie. Cleveland needs to make sure to bring back at least one of these free agents and they need to ensure a rookie is also there to push Ika. If not, we know how bad it can get in the middle.