5 offseason moves to make Browns GM Andrew Berry look like a genius

Andrew Berry has done a great job as the Cleveland Browns general manager and can silence any remaining critics with these 5 moves in the offseason

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During the 2023 season, Cleveland Browns general manager Andrew Berry made a comment that irritated some of their fans. Berry said he wanted fans to 'enjoy and Lean into the process' as they build their team. Not long after that, they caught fire and finished the year 11-6 — without Deshaun Watson.

That makes it easier for fans to trust that process, now that they've seen the depth rise to the occasion. But that doesn't mean the work is done. Instead, the Browns need to strike while the iron is hot. Their roster has several key pieces but they need to shore up a few areas to become Super Bowl contenders. With that being the case, here are five moves Berry can make to improve the team and come out looking like a genius.

5. Upgrade their backup LT with Cam Fleming

Jedrick Wills, Jr. will be under contract in 2024 to the dismay of some. He did improve as this past season went on but some have had a hard time ignoring the poor body language and perceived lack of effort throughout the 2022 campaign and the start of 2023.

Despite his lack of popularity, Cleveland picked up the fifth year of his rookie contract which means his deal is fully guaranteed this year. That doesn't mean the Browns shouldn't look for help at the position — and there's a pending free agent who should be on their radar.

Cam Fleming, who spent the past two years in Denver, has played for four different teams and has 62 starts and 117 appearances. He's played right tackle as well as left and would be a major improvement as the backup left tackle over James Hudson. That's why he's someone who should be brought in to help shore up their offensive line — which was a problem late in the year.