5 players the Cleveland Browns should still sign in free agency

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2. Fletcher Cox, Defensive Tackle

While Fletcher Cox may or may not have a ton of fuel left in the tank on the field, signing him for a year or two (at a reasonable price) could really help the development of the Browns defense.

First, Schwartz has a history of bringing in veteran defenders that he has worked with before, and carving out a role for them. I have no doubt the he would find a way for Cox to help this defense on the field.

Where I truly think that Cox can help this defensive line is in the locker room. As I mentioned earlier, Perrion Winfrey was selected fairly early by this front office in last year's draft. The team clearly wants him to develop into an impactful player, and in order to do that, he has to keep his head on straight.

I cannot speak directly to the concerns that the team had with Winfrey last season, but the facts are that he missed multiple games at the choice of the coaching staff. Winfrey was a very promising player coming out of Oklahoma a year ago, and was one of my favorites in the draft class. But he needs some mentorship to focus on football and get his game at the forefront of his mind.

Giving Winfrey a veteran mentor like Cox could be a career-altering move for their young defensive tackle. Schwartz should be able to speak to the level of leadership and professionalism that Cox has exhibited on and off the field throughout his career.

If Cox is able to take Winfrey under his wing, while finding a role on the field, signing with the Browns could allow him to have a huge impact, late in his career, even after the signing of defensive tackle, Dalvin Tomlinson.