5 reasons to get super excited for Cleveland Browns training camp

  • No looming suspension for the QB
  • An exciting new playmaker
  • Potentially dominant defense

Cleveland Browns
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1. No looming suspension for quarterback Deshaun Watson

Probably the biggest reason Cleveland Browns fans can get excited during this year's training camp? There's no looming suspension for the starting quarterback. Last year, you almost had to temper your expectations completely and invest all your excitement toward 2023.

The off-field issues with Deshaun Watson have been well-documented at this point, but as it relates to football, Browns fans have every right to be thrilled about the possibility of what this offense can look like without any looming suspension, without so much of the off-field focus on Watson's situation, and with more of the focus about what this team is doing on the field.

Of course, let's not get it twisted -- Watson has a lot to prove after what we saw last season. The last time he was really balling out and the last time the Texans were really having a lot of success because of Watson was during the 2019 season.

He and Houston had a down 2020 campaign before he obviously missed all of the 2021 season and most of 2022. When he got out there at the end of the 2022 season, he wasn't just back to being the guy we saw in 2019, the guy that was getting some legitimate MVP hype and people talking about him in the same breath as Mahomes.

Watson has a lot to prove to everyone not just among Cleveland Browns fans but in the entire NFL world. He can certainly rebound, and he'll have a chance to do exactly that without the thought of a suspension looming.

That mental hurdle could end up paying huge dividends for both Watson and the Browns. He is now the unquestioned leader of this team, whereas last year they were all just trying to get through that suspension and perhaps come out on the other side in playoff contention.


Now that the hurdle of 2022 has been cleared, this Browns team can take on a different complexion in 2023, and it starts with Watson.

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