5 Senior Bowl wide receivers that should be on the Browns radar

The NFL Draft cycle has officially begun with the start of the Reese's Senior Bowl. Here are 5 receivers the Cleveland Browns should have their eye on in Mobile.

Xavier Legette, Cleveland Browns
Xavier Legette, Cleveland Browns / Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports
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WR No. 4: Roman Wilson, University of Michigan

The ability to create separation is paramount for smaller receivers in the NFL. Luckily for Michigan’s Roman Wilson, creating separation is his calling card. Wilson is one of the more diminutive receivers in Mobile this week. Wilson is listed at 6-foot-even and 193 pounds, but his college tape gives the impression that those numbers could be inflated in both categories.

However, Wilson’s skill set is not based on his size. Wilson shows incredible suddenness in his routes which is masked by the smoothness in which he transitions in and out of his breaks. There's no fat on the bone in Wilson’s route tree, every movement is precise, and he understands the importance of creating and maintaining leverage.

Wilson has the skills to win on the outside, but due to his size he will primarily be used as a motion-centric slot receiver at the next level. Like all smaller wide receivers, Wilson will need to prove that he can deal with longer corners that are effective at pressing at the line of scrimmage. The one-on-one portions of this week’s practices will be huge in determining if Wilson’s skills merit second-round consideration in the upcoming draft.

WR No. 3: Brenden Rice, University of Southern California

While Marvin Harrison’s son is getting all the publicity during this draft cycle, it is Jerry Rice’s son that the Browns should have their eye on this week at the Senior Bowl. Brenden Rice is a big play waiting to happen. Listed at 6-foot-3 and 210 pounds, Rice has an opportunity to make a push to be a day-two prospect in Mobile this week.

Rice is a smooth glider that can take the top off a defense. He had six catches of more than 60-yards in 2023 for the Trojans. Averaging 17.6 yards per reception, Rice displayed traits that should make him a sought after X-receiver prototype at the next level.

Also, playing with Caleb Williams afforded Rice the opportunity to demonstrate his ability in scramble drill situations. Four of Rice’s 12 receiving touchdowns in 2023 came by way of being on the same page with Williams and extending plays during scramble situations. If Rice can show an improved release package during Senior Bowl practices this week it should make NFL scouts more comfortable with his skill set transitioning to the pros.