5 Senior Bowl wide receivers that should be on the Browns radar

The NFL Draft cycle has officially begun with the start of the Reese's Senior Bowl. Here are 5 receivers the Cleveland Browns should have their eye on in Mobile.

Xavier Legette, Cleveland Browns
Xavier Legette, Cleveland Browns / Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports
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WR No. 2: Devontez Walker, University of North Carolina

Devontez Walker’s path to the Senior Bowl was full of detours. Walker transferred from Kent State to North Carolina prior to the 2023 season. However, his eligibility was denied by the NCAA due to a misclassification of his playing status while at North Carolina Central during the 2020 season in which he didn't play a single snap due to Covid.

Fortunately for Walker, cooler heads prevailed, and after sitting out of the Tar Heels first five games he was able to finally get on the field. Walker played in eight games in 2023 and averaged 17 yards per catch and scored seven touchdowns. Despite his paratrooping into the season, Walker was able to have an immediate rapport with Tar Heels quarterback Drake Maye.

Walker’s ability to stretch the field and track the football are the hallmarks of his game. Listed at 6-foot-2 and 200 pounds, he plays longer than his height would indicate but also appears lighter than his listed weight. Primarily used as a vertical threat, Walker will need to prove that he can sell and win on intermediate routes to be a complete receiver.

WR No. 1: Xavier Legette, University of South Carolina

No receiver at this week’s Senior Bowl practices will have more eyes on him than Xavier Legette. He could very well play, and test, himself out of the Browns scope of available prospects with his performance in Mobile, as well as later in Indianapolis. The variance of outcomes for Legette ranges from late-round one prospect to late-round two project.  

What we do know about Legette is that the young man is a specimen. Legette is listed at 6-foot-3 and 227 pounds. Although there are reports coming out indicating that Legette will be closer to 6-foot-1 than his listed height.

However, what is not exaggerated is what the scouts will be paying the closest attention to, Legette’s game-breaking speed. While you can find things on Legette’s tape that do cause concern, one thing you will not find is him getting caught from behind. With the ball in his hands, Legette is the genuine article.

If Legette is such a phenomenal athlete, then why the discrepancy in the range of outcomes for the South Carolina native? Legette was a one-year wonder despite being at the University of South Carolina for five years. Up until his breakout season, where he caught 71 passes for 1,255 yards and seven touchdowns, Legette’s previous high in receptions was 18.

There is also the concern that Legette was not tasked with running anywhere near a full route tree. It was basically wide receiver screens or go routes for the speed merchant. But Legette could wash away a ton of those concerns with a stellar showing in Mobile this week and earn himself a ton of money in the process.

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