5 of the worst Cleveland Browns draft busts since 2016

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After starting out somewhat slow this offseason, Andrew Berry and the Cleveland Browns have ended the first phase of free agency with a bang.  Not only has the team signed eight new players, the re-signed five players, and made a trade as well

After back-to-back seasons of disappointment, the Browns have done a nice job of flipping this previously overvalued roster without needing to go into full “re-build” mode. While being good on paper is great, it will still be a difficult challenge to win a talented AFC North.

Although Berry and the Browns have made better moves and draft picks over the last few seasons, there are still a few that will leave you scratching your head.  Here are five colossal draft night misses since 2016 as we inch toward April.

Cleveland Browns busted draft pick No. 5 – Greedy Williams

I’m not sure if Greedy Williams classifies as a disappointing or busted draft pick. When the Cleveland Browns drafted him in 2019 in round two with pick No. 46, the experts raved at the value the Browns get. Some were shocked that Williams fell to round two and praised the Browns for getting him.

It turns out that the rest of the league was right, and the Browns were wrong.  Williams isn’t a bad football player, but his health record has been atrocious

After playing in 12 games as a rookie, he missed all of the 2020 season and missed seven additional games over his last two seasons with the Browns. 

Between a bad shoulder and the Browns having great depth at cornerback, the fit was never right, and Cleveland's front office could have utilized that pick in a better way.