5 of the worst Cleveland Browns draft busts since 2016

San Diego Chargers v Cleveland Browns
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Cleveland Browns busted draft pick No. 2 – DeShone Kizer

There have been some really bad seasons for the Cleveland Browns, but the 0-16 season in 2017 will likely never be touched. And after destroying the preseason vanilla defenses, Cleveland trotted out their Round 2, pick No. 52 overall quarterback, DeShone Kizer.

Kizer was athletic and could make some plays with his legs, but the Notre Dame alumni had a 53.6 completion percentage, and 11 touchdowns, and 22 interceptions to go with an 0-15 record. 

There weren’t a ton of games that were even close that season and it’s really the only time I’ve ever shut games off as a fan and just went about my day acting like the Browns didn’t exist.

Cleveland Browns busted draft pick No. 1 – Corey Coleman

The only reason that Corey Coleman tops Kizer in this list, is because I still single-handedly blame him for their Week 17 loss vs. the Steelers which sealed the 0-16 season. 

The Browns were driving at the end of the game and had a fourth down play inside the red zone. Coleman was wide open, and it bounced off his facemask giving the Steelers the ball back. 

When Cleveland drafted Coleman with pick No. 15 overall in the 2016 draft out of Baylor, there was a ton of hype.  He was a magician in college and had a ton of speed that everyone thought would translate. 

But between injuries and drops, Coleman quickly fizzled out of the league and only spent two seasons with the Browns. He started 18 total games, had under 800 yards receiving total, and five touchdowns. 

Heading into the two worst years of Browns history, a better pick could have altered the direction slightly. 

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