6 low-key options for Cleveland Browns that are flying under the radar in the draft

Bowling Green v Minnesota
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Browns low-key option No. 3: Karl Brooks, DL, Bowling Green

There are a lot of reasons to really like Karl Brooks but there are nearly as many reasons to question him. A product of Bowling Green, he didn't play against elite competition. He's also not exactly a perfect fit at any one position since he plays like a defensive end but is built like a 3-tech.

But shrugging off his impressive production could be a mistake, as pointed out by Lance Zierlein of NFL.com. According to Zierlein, his versatility is a plus and Brooks should be able to find a role as a disruptive player at the next level.

"The inclination to shrug off Brooks’ production based on level of competition -- or because of questions about his positional fit -- might be a mistake. Brooks’ snap quickness, footwork, hand usage and motor are all translatable play qualities. His movement and counters are intuitive, allowing for quick access into the backfield. Against the pass, he frequently beat tackles as a bull rusher off the edge. Brooks has the size of a three-technique but the versatility and athleticism to move around a defensive front. He flashes disruptive, three-down talent as a future starter in a one-gap scheme."

Zierlein, NFL.com

The Browns have Dalvin Tomlinson as one of their starting defensive tackles but outside of that, there are more questions than answers. Should Brooks be available on Day 3, he could prove to be a versatile weapon in their D-line rotation.