6 wide receivers the Cleveland Browns reportedly have their sights on

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Brandin Cooks, Browns
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2. Brandin Cooks

Last year, we continued to hear about Will Fuller as an option for the Browns due to his rapport with Deshaun Watson. Fuller and Watson played together in Houston and had some sensational moments. While that move never materialized, there's another name being thrown around in 2023 — Brandin Cooks.

Like Fuller, Cooks played alongside Watson in Houston, although they didn't get as long together. Even so, they shared a lot of big plays as Cooks had 81 receptions for 1,150 yards and six touchdowns during the 2020 campaign.

Unlike the other mentioned ahead of Cooks, he's not hitting free agency this year. Right now, he's still under contract in Houston but it's no secret that he wants out. He was even nearly traded at the deadline in 2022 to the Dallas Cowboys but they weren't willing to pay the asking price of a second-round pick.

Now entering the final year of his contract, the asking price might have gone down slightly for Cooks. If so, the Browns would be wise to enter the sweepstakes.

On top of that, he's a deep threat who quietly puts up 1,000 yards in nearly every season. He's done so six times in nine years and has accomplished the feat with all four teams he's ever played for.

Cooks offers up everything they need while also being more durable than the majority of the options listed. He did miss four games in 2022 but that was mostly due to the issues the two sides had. In all, he's missed just two other games during his three seasons in Houston.