AFC North rookies the Cleveland Browns should be most concerned with

Which rookies in the AFC North could give the Browns a problem?
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We can applaud the Cleveland Browns for the work they did in the 2024 NFL Draft, and it would be deserved. They not only found talent with Michael Hall and Zak Zinter but also received praise for bringing in Louisville wide receiver Jamari Thrash and South Dakota cornerback Myles Harden.

As much fun as it is to look at their accomplishments, we also have to face the fact that their AFC North rivals have also been good when it comes to drafting. That was the case once again this year as they each landed several talented players. Here we look at one from each team that could wind up causing Cleveland the most frustration.

Kris Jenkins, DT, Cincinnati Bengals 

At 6-foot-3 and 299 pounds, Kris Jenkins entered the NFL with a national title under his belt following his final season at Michigan. If that wasn't impressive enough, he's also the son of Kris Jenkins, Sr. who spent 10 years in the NFL and made it to the Pro Bowl four times as a defensive tackle.

Jenkins was the Cincinnati Bengals second draft pick after they took Georgia offensive tackle Amarius Mims in Round 1. While Mims plays a more important role — especially given the injury history of Joe Burrow — Jenkins is the more worrisome pick.

Mims, as talented as he is, comes in with plenty of questions on his own. He's also dealt with injuries and doesn't have much starting experience.

Jenkins, on the other hand, has the NFL bloodlines and registered 113 tackles with 4.5 sacks over the past three seasons. Cleveland has had trouble in recent years with athletic pass rushers up the middle and Jenkins is a relentless attacker with a dangerous spin counter. If the Browns O-line isn't prepared for him, he can make life tough on Deshaun Watson.