Bill Musgrave fixes what ails the Browns

Jul 27, 2017; Englewood, CO, USA; Denver Broncos quarterbacks coach Bill Musgrave looks on during
Jul 27, 2017; Englewood, CO, USA; Denver Broncos quarterbacks coach Bill Musgrave looks on during / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
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Musgrave allows Stefanski to focus on being the Head Coach

The Browns had a frustrating year in 2022. There were players calling out coaches. Players blaming other players. Coaches had to call out players. There were definitely "me" guys in the locker room. Stefanski needs to change the culture if he wants to continue in Cleveland.

Adding an experienced defensive coordinator in Jim Schwartz addressed the schematic mess of the defense. Schwartz is a no-nonsense guy who will hold everyone accountable. With Schwartz, Stefanski addressed the schematic and culture concerns on the defense.

Musgrave can do the same for the offense. He may not hold the title. But he may hold the power to put the offense on the right path for the 2023 season. He is experienced in turning around offenses and getting the most out of his quarterbacks.

Stefanski has quietly surrounded himself with experienced, talented coordinators with a long history of success in the NFL. These hires take the pressure off of Stefanski to be in the middle of the week to week planning on offense and defense.

Hiring Musgrave gives Browns fans exactly what they wanted. He is a guy who can take over the offensive side of the ball. He takes the pressure off Stefanski to operate the offense. Stefanski will still call plays, but he can let Musgrave do all the coaching up to game time.

Stefanski can spend 2023 and beyond managing the team, not the offense. He can monitor the team culture. He can deal with the "me" guys on the team with a greater effectiveness.

He will need to, or his time in Cleveland may be over.

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