Breaking down if head coach Kevin Stefanski is on the hot seat or not in 2023

Is Kevin Stefanski safe from the hot seat in 2023? The chips are pushed all in for this season and beyond
Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles
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Heading into his fourth season as an NFL head coach, the jury is still out on Kevin Stefanski. His tenure with the Cleveland Browns has had many highs and lows.

For the first time in his young head coaching career, he seemingly has a quarterback that could be franchise-altering, as well as a very talented roster. At least on paper.

Stefanski heads into the 2023 season with a career record of 26-24, which gives him the best mark for a Browns' head coach since the return of the franchise in 1999. Many will scoff at that record, mostly fans who overvalued players who previously played for this beloved franchise and thought the team should've done better.

In his first season at the helm, he led the Browns to the playoffs for the first time in 18 years, which helped him earn the NFL Coach of the Year honors. Unfortunately, the Browns have had back-to-back losing seasons and fans get too impatient.

No matter what point the season is at, fans will bring out the pitchforks for Stefanski at the drop of the smallest inconvenience. It's hilarious that there's a notion that when the Browns win, it's more so the players, but if they lose, it falls on Stefanski, fair or not.

For those believing that the 2022 season was any true barometer on whether or not Stefanski is the right man to lead this team, it should be noted that last season was never designed to be a magical playoff run. Stefanski did a hell of a job with Jacoby Brissett, but that was never going to be a realistic thing.

The seat in which Stefanski sits should not be hot and shouldn't even be warm unless this season goes catastrophically horrible and the Browns fail to put out a winning team.