Browns 2023 NFL Draft: Top 5 prospects remaining on Day 2

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Browns Prospect No. 2: Keeanu Benton, DT, Wisconsin

There's no player in this class that I feel would fit Cleveland better than Keeanu Benton. Right now, the Browns defensive line is 3/4 of the way to being stacked. You can make an argument that they need more depth at defensive end but if they were to go into the season with Myles Garrett and Ogbo Okoronkwo as the starter with Alex Wright as the primary reserve, they would feel good about that.

At defensive tackle, they brought in Dalvin Tomlinson who is going to be a huge upgrade for them. But next to him, they're looking at Jordan Elliott who has yet to truly prove he's a difference-maker. That's why it would be huge for them if they could add another starter and while Benton might not be a flashy player, he's a legit starter.

Known for his long arms and power, Benton racked up 19 tackles for a loss and 9.0 sacks from his nose tackle position. In the NFL, he doesn't project to be a factor when rushing the passer but he wouldn't need to. Instead, he would be asked to play the 1-tech and shut down the run.

Such a move would be two-fold. Not only would it give a porous run defense a shot in the arm but Tomlinson actually played better as a 3-tech for Minnesota the past two seasons.