Here are the Browns 3 best moves of the 2023 offseason

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
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1. Dalvin Tomlinson

If anyone watched the Browns last year, then you know why Dalvin Tomlinson was not only the best move made, but possibly the most important one. The defensive tackle play last year was awful, to put it mildly, and needed an impact player if this defense was to take the next step. Tomlinson is that player.

Last season for the Minnesota Vikings Tomlinson racked up 42 tackles, three for a loss, ten quarterback hits, and 2.5 sacks. But those numbers don't tell the entire story of how much impact Tomlinson can make against both the run and pass.

The biggest asset Tomlinson brings is his run defense as last season he had 24 stop tackles and has graded out as a top 16 run defender since 2017 per Pro Football Focus(subscription required).

"Tomlinson has been shuffled around on the interior after playing mostly nose tackle with the New York Giants to start his career, with Minnesota lining him up more as a three-technique when playing alongside Michael Pierce (in 2021) or Harrison Phillips. Tomlinson has never missed more than five tackles in a season, and his 83.0 run-defense grade since 2017 is a top-16 mark at the position.

While Tomlinson missed Weeks 9-12 due to injury, he managed to post a career-best 79.1 pass-rush grade and a sixth straight season to start his career grading above 74.0 overall. He’s a better fit as a zero- or one-technique, with his 55 tackles for loss or no gain since 2017 the third most among interior players and with his pass-rush upside better deployed as an added benefit but not the primary feature. "

By Brad Spielberger Mar 13, 2023

Tomlinson can also provide some solid pass rush ability up the middle as he is one of 10 defensive tackles to have 60 defensive stops against the run and have a pass rush win rate of over 10 percent over the last three seasons.

While most don't view Tomlinson as a pass rusher, the numbers show he can bring some heat up the middle. Tomlinson has all the tools the Browns need to help strengthen the front four and help take Myles Garrett's game to the next level. It also doesn't hurt that he is excited to play next to Garrett

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The Browns needed help up front, so Andrew Berry got some help in the form of maybe the best all-around defensive tackle on the market this past offseason. Now we see if Tomlinson's impact can help this defense take their game to the next level.